How Video Can Help You Share a Creative Brand Story

    With the population increasingly pressed for time in these days, many consumers drift towards visual content (Video, images, infographics) when out there searching for products and services to buy. The most powerful type of visual content to tell a brand story is video. In fact, according to a 2014 survey by Levels Brand, 40% of shoppers stated that they would rather watch a brand video than read the same message in text form. For small and large businesses, video is the best strategy to disseminate a compelling brand story in a fast and comprehensible way.

Why video is a potent tool to tell a brand story

    Unlike text, video is able to stimulate customers and motivate them into developing trust in your brand. The reason is that humans are customized to this kind of medium. Besides having the ability to stimulate, video is able to evoke emotional response from your audience. For example, when a customer watches your brand story, they are likely to develop emotions from it. Case in point; when you sit down to watch a horror movie, you begin to get some sort of physical sensation of anxiety. The same applies to watching a brand story. Customers are likely to get this physical sensation of anxiety when they watch your brand story, and this can make a big impact in their buying decisions.

The creative benefits of video in a telling a brand’s story

    The main benefit of brand video is that it offers a lot of creative storytelling tools to leverage. Every creative storytelling tool can be leveraged to evoke emotion, regardless of whether you’re narrating a funny or serious story. These creative tools include:
  • Audio – Aspects of audio such as voiceover, music and sound effects have the capability to convey mood and tone. And this can significantly enhance your viewers’ emotional response.
  • Visuals – Visuals in a video are largely On-screen actions, which can pass across your brand message effectively and fast. This can be through data visualization, color, animation, kinetic text, or live action.
  • Controlled storytelling – In a brand video, the nature and speed of storytelling are controlled, which allows business owners to convey a much-focused message. It also makes it enjoyable for your audience to perceive it. The awesome thing about video is that it’s a passive experience, which means your audience can watch it at their convenience. They just need to click the play button and sit back and watch it. And if your brand video has a great storyline, your audience will watch it over and over, and this can convert them from random one-time buyer to becoming your brand evangelists.

The following storytelling applications can make your brand videos pop

    The good thing about video is that it can be utilized beyond traditional advertising. It has a whole lot of applications in terms of communication both within and outside of the business. This lets you convey various brand messages in multiple ways. Regardless of your business goals, you can experiment with video storytelling applications in your marketing strategy, such as promo videos, traditional ads, explainer videos, social videos, and cultural marketing videos.
    Besides helping you realize your marketing goals, video is a useful communication tool to help your in-house team in their everyday marketing tasks. You can save a lot of time and energy by converting your business information, presentations and sales collateral into videos.
    You can leverage different formats of video for your business information, presentations and sales collateral such as live-action video, motion graphics, and immersive formats. The most important thing is to put your story first. Your brand story will make the video pop and motivate customers into buying from you instead of the competition.

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