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Supporting Creative Women in  Media with Diversity, Inclusion & Equity

SHE VET® Media Production and Consulting Firm is a Service Disabled Veteran, Woman Owned Small Business that strives to encourage gender equality and diversity in the digital workforce. We know that everything has its own uniqueness, and we aim to highlight the forgotten, and unrecognized beauty with creativity.

We are specialists in assisting companies who are looking to hire the very best creative project managers. We are not just a “done-for-you” storytelling video production firm, broadcasting, and marketing firm. We are also a placement agency for companies seeking to hire digital, print, and video talent in all matters of creativity, production, and management. Our creative project manager recruiters are always looking for qualified artists seeking freelance contract opportunities, or temporary and temp-to-perm positions.

Digital Storytelling

We make it easy for you to reach your audience by distributing content through a number of digital channels with digital media in marketing efforts to meet the priority of getting your product message out to consumers on platforms such as live streaming we’ll present your product or services before an audience of over 400 million viewers in addition to podcasts, blogs, video, and content marketing.  Let us help you create a marketing commercial for your business to bring awareness to your products or services.


We help creatives transition from an employee to a consultant. We show you how to make media and use it in order to grow your business or support others.  Our creative consulting and coaching helps creatives develop their marketing skills and create amazing content. Media is everywhere, but knowing how to use it effectively can be tricky. That’s where we come in. We help you harness the power of media for your business with our freelance concierge services.  We thoroughly vet and verify all of the jobs on our site using a RFP submission process to, ensuring that clients have a safe and positive job matching experience.
*SHE WORKS Digital™ Content Production Training Services are provided under the trademark of SHE VET®, iNC.


Our digital storytelling and branding services are custom-tailored to suit your needs. We can help you with everything from strategy and planning, to design and content creation. Branding has evolved from just a logo, business cards, and letterheads to customer advocacy and word-of-mouth. It is a strategic decision that will stay with your company for years. Let us help you create a brand that resonates with your customers, engages them over time, and makes you stand out in the market.

Creative Productions


SHE VET® Media offers various production packages for commercials, media debuts, television interviews, magazine, and audio advertisements to help grow your business in the marketplace. If you’d like to learn more please complete the form below and schedule an appointment.  Some packages may require a deposit.


Need help with your podcast? Our Podcast Productions will help you get started and publish a consistent podcast. We’ll help you produce, edit and market your podcasts, and provide a wide range of services to help you build a better brand with your podcast.


Our concierge services for employers feature an RFP submission process that allows us to thoroughly vet and verify all of the jobs on our site, ensuring that clients have a safe and positive job matching experience.
*SHE VET® MediaTech Staffing is provided under the trademark of SHE VET®, iNC.